A Park Above: Rio Rancho’s #1 Family Park

A Park Above Is The Must-Visit Park In Rio Rancho

It’s likely that if you live in Rio Rancho and you have kids, you’ve already been to A Park Above. If you happen to be moving to the area or just visiting, it’s the must-see park for good reason. Very few parks truly have that “wow” factor, but A Park Above certainly has just that.

A Park Above officially opened  May 26th, 2016 and has been an instant hit. This park pretty much has it all. Playgrounds, sand pits, pavilions, a splash pad, and even a place to allow your pets to romp around.

Something For Children Of All Ages

Children of all ages will find something to do here. Different areas of the park cater to different age groups assuring that the toddler area, for instance, isn’t overrun by older, more rambunctious  children. For children with disabilities, you’ll find A Park Above to be quite accommodating as well.

As a parent, safety always comes to mind when visiting any park and this one does not disappoint. You’ll find surveillance cameras throughout the park and park staff on hand to assist at any given moment. The upkeep of the park over is exceptional too. We recently noticed that some of the astroturf was beginning to wear thin in certain areas. Within a week of returning, we noticed it had already been replaced.

Best Time To Visit

Now that school is back in session, visiting the park on a weekday is ideal. With fewer visitors to the park, your kids won’t have to wait for a swing to open up. On the other hand, if you’re planning on making a trip on the weekend, be advised it can get quite busy! We’ve often found parking to be non-existent or extending out to Westside Blvd. Pavilions are free to rent, but make reservations early because they’re usually full. Although it does get crowded, we’ve never felt like it was so much so that we wanted to leave.

Overall as a parent, I can’t recommend A Park Above enough. The spaciousness of the facility and endless things to do will appeal to the entire family. For more information about the park, call 505-891-5015.

A Park Above is located at:

2441 Westside Blvd, Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Hours: 6AM-8PM
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