Moving To Rio Rancho Guide

Moving To Rio Rancho: Helpful Information To Make Life Easier

Let’s face it, moving is never fun. There’s really no way around that, but the transition can be a lot more bearable with the right information. Here are our best recommendations to make moving to Rio Rancho, NM as seamless as possible.


First, nothing will make your life more miserable during a move than procrastination. Failing to organize your belongings in a timely fashion is a guaranteed headache. Time permitting, begin to pack your unused belongings first. Packing items in your home that haven’t been used in a while will help declutter your space and bring about a sense of accomplishment.

Pro Tip: Moving Is An Excellent Time To Make Extra $$

If you have items that have been taking up closet space and are no longer of use, consider selling them! List your items for sale online or have a garage sale. It's a quick and easy way to make extra money and save space.

Second, start the process of transferring your information. Verify what utilities need to be turned on in your new home and make those arrangements early. Oftentimes, utility companies require several days to turn on. Don’t be left in the dark or worse, without internet!

Resource for those relocating to Rio Rancho, New Mexico

PNM Gas & Electric (505) 246-5700

City of Rio Rancho Water & Sewer (505) 891-5020

Waste Management of Rio Rancho (505) 892-1200

Cable ONE – Rio Rancho (505) 892-5114

CenturyLink (505) 510-3342

XFINITY 1-800-934-6489

Finding Moving Supplies On The Cheap

There is no shortage of places to purchase packing supplies, but those expenses can add up fast. While buying new boxes has its perks, there are other more cost effect alternatives. To start, check with local retailers that typically will have a steady flow of boxes coming through their doors. My favorite? Shoe stores! Not only are the boxes made of heavy-duty cardboard, but they’re generally the perfect size too. Also, unlike grocery stores, they’re free of old produce or food stains. If that doesn’t pan out, check your area’s Craigslist. People are moving all the time, looking to offload a garage full of empty boxes. They can go quick, so make the call right away.

Tips For Purchasing A New Home

Whether your decide to rent or purchase a new home in Rio Rancho, you will have plenty of options. According to a 2015 Market Analysis, homes sales were up 15% and prices remained steady with a median home price of $235,000. If you are in the market for a home, here a few helpful tips.

  • Make sure you are Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved before looking for a new home. That way you know exactly what price range you need to start with in searching for a home. Plus, when it’s time to make an offer on a home, the Listing Agent and Seller will require this type of letter from a Lender to prove you have the means to purchase the home.
  • Get to know the areas and neighborhoods you are interested in when purchasing a home. Find the things that are typically important to you like how far it is from a school, your work, hospitals, downtown, proximity to major highways or airports, etc. You can contact the local Chamber of Commerce to provide you with maps and information on that area. Of course, simple online searches will help with this as well.
  • If possible, try to speak with locals in the area.  You’ll find that most people in and around Rio Rancho are more than willing to help. They’ll often go above and beyond in suggestions for restaurants, events, parks, and other information about the area in general.

Reputable Rental Agencies

For some, purchasing a home just isn’t in the cards. Renting a home is ideal for families that require a bit more flexibility. In fact, in recent years, the trend to rent has gone up dramatically. We listed a few of the rental agencies in Rio Rancho to help you get settled.

Rio Rancho Rental Agencies

Kellogg Agency, Inc.

1005 21st St SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Tyson Properties, Inc

922 3rd St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

If you’ve decided that moving to Rio Rancho is the right choice for you and your family, welcome! We hope that you enjoy all that NM has to offer. Have a moving tip that has saved you time and money? Leave us a comment!

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